Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New at the National Archives

NARA has launched a new Online Public Access Catalog.
It's been designed to provide a single, centralized catalog to search across multiple research catalogs at once.  It includes access to the Archival Research Catalog (ARC), Access to Archival Databases (AAD),, and the Electronic Records Archives (ERA).  It is intended to make records of the federal government easier to find. 

Alien Files Find New Home at the Kansas City National Archives
For the first time, more than 300,000 case files on alien residents of the United States who were born 1909 and prior are now open to the public at the National Archives at Kansas City.  "Alien Files" (commonly referred to as "A-Files") were utilized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service starting on April 1, 1944, as a means of recording the details of any active case of an alien not yet naturalized as they passed through the United States immigration and inspection process.  They contain a wealth of information such as photographs, correspondence, birth certificates, health records and more.  The files may be viewed in person at the National Archives in Kansas City or copies of files may be ordered for a fee. For more information visit .

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